Message from the Department Head

Kumar MallikarjunanIt has been a few months, and I'm still in the honeymoon stage of joining the Food Science and Nutrition family. The faculty and staff are a great group of individuals committed to excellence. 

First off, we are focusing on implementing the strategic plan approved by the faculty last year. It is moving along in greater strides than everyone expected. The momentum is contagious now that the execution of making the plan a reality is underway.

I continue to listen to all stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, college administration and the advisory board) about the issues that need immediate attention. By reaching a common understanding, we can begin to implement specific actions to address priorities identified in the strategic planning process. 

In April we hosted the IFT Student Association’s (IFTSA) college bowl competition. Preparing for the competition and trial challenges with the faculty was fun. As usual, the students won the competition against the faculty in the practice event. The team then went on to finish second in the regionals, great job! 

We also had some wonderful student mentoring events for both Nutrition and Food Science programs with successful participation from industry, advisory council members, college administration and faculty. The graduate student research poster showcase showcase and entrepreneurship panel discussion were both well attended and a highlight for the department.

I encourage you to contact me. Feel free to stop by my office, even if it's just to say hello.

Kumar Mallikarjunan