Message from the Interim Department Head

gary reineccius headshot 2017


While one might feel that the year is just beginning (finally some warm non-snowy days), in many ways the year for us is more “fall-like”. Classes are only one week away from finishing. We have commencement coming up where we say goodbye to our graduating seniors. Some of the faculty and staff who are on 9 month appointments may be off doing other things for summer. It is a time of change for the department –the normal activity of the computer room, labs, classrooms and hallways will come to an end until fall.

We want to wish all of our graduates the best of fortune – you are entering an exciting phase of your life, perhaps graduate school or a new job. You will do well for you know more than you think. One would be surprised how often I hear a past student say they were worried about their new job – would they be prepared? Know enough to not look foolish? To do the job well. The rewarding thing they say is that they do. You have worked hard and done well – that will carry you well into your career. Since I have taught all of our grads Food Engineering, Food Processing and the Capstone class, I have come to know many of you. I have great faith that you will do well.

Please do drop us a line now and then. Tell us where you are and what you are doing. We would love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Gary Reineccius