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Graduate Seminar

Spring Seminars are held Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m., in FScN Room 23 unless otherwise noted. See the schedule below. 

Coordinators: David Baumler ( Food Science) and Craig Hassel (Nutrition)

February 6

Decolonizing Food & Nutrition Sciences 
Craig Hassel, Associate Professor, Food Science and Nutrition

February 13

NVivo Software for FScN - Qualitative Analysis in Community Nutrition
Lauren Millen, MS Nutrition Student
Advisers: Dr. Marla Reicks and Dr. Zata Vickers

February 20

Fermentability of Novel Type-4 Resistant Starches in an In Vitro System
Jennifer Erickson, MS Food Science Student
Adviser: Dr. Joanne Slavin

February 27

Role of Fat Crystallization in Bakery and Confectionery Products
Serpil Metin
Cargill R&D

March 6

The New Era of Pet Food Safety
Melanie Marquez, MS Food Science Student
Adviser: Dr. Joellen Feirtag

Evaluating the agricultural, historical, nutritional, and sustainable uses of pulses and legumes
Stefanie Havemeier,  MS Food Science Student
Adviser: Dr. Joanne Slavin

March 13

Spring Break

March 20

Value Added Food Particle Processing at Aveka
Microencapsulation, Drying and Bioseparations
Willie Hendrickson
Founder and CEO of the AVEKA Group

March 27

Perennial Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium): How do bran levels and dough conditioners affect dough rheology and bread quality?
Jaya Banjade, MS Food Science Student
Advisers: Dr. Len Marquart and Dr. Tonya Schoenfuss

April 3

Sugar as part of the Global Dietary Guidelines
Alexis Weisser, MS Nutrition Student
Adviser: Dr. Joanne Slavin

Plant Proteins and Health
Rylee Ahnen , MS Nutrition Student

Adviser: Dr. Joanne Slavin

April 10

Obesity and the Role of Adipose Tissue in Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis 
Dr. Feng Liu
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, 
Texas Health Science Center

April 17

One Seed to Rule Them All: Protein and Fiber Characterization from Camelina Sativa
Claire Boyle, MS Food Science Student
Adviser: Dr. Baraem (Pam) Ismail

April 24

Profiling intensive pulsed light-elicited changes in E. Coli and nonfat milk powder through metabolomics and chemometrics
Qingqing Mao, MS Nutrition Student
Adviser: Dr. Chi Chen

May 1

Influences of Genetic Selection on the Lipidome of Holstein Cow in Early Lactation  
John Kurtz, MS Nutrition Student
Adviser: Dr. Chi Chen

May 8

Parenting Practices and Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Latino Parents and Children
Patricia Arellano, MS Nutrition Student 
Adviser: Dr. Marla Reicks

Past seminar schedules and recordings can be found on the Graduate Seminar Archive.